Burnout, boreout or best year ever?

January 20th, 2014   •   Comments Off   

How will you avoid burnout, or boreout and make this the best year ever for yourself and your employees?

Meet Lea. Lea is 54 years old. Lea has to drag herself out of bed each morning. She is a senior manager in a government agency in the forestry sector and has 12 people reporting to her. Lea is desperately unhappy because nothing, absolutely nothing about her job has any meaning for her anymore.

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Never wing it. Period.

April 23rd, 2013   •   Comments Off   

Lessons from Clint Eastwood’s empty chair speech

It was in September 2012, when Clint Eastwood, movie director and icon of macho movies, stole the show at the US Republican Convention. “Clint Eastwood stole the show at the Republican National Convention last week with a baffling, nearly incoherent speech that featured the 82-year-old actor conversing with an empty chair that was meant to represent President Obama.” – TheWeek.com

Little preparation goes a wrong way

If you saw the video of his talk, you will notice that for someone of his calibre, a little preparation goes a very wrong way. The media were overall very critical of Eastwood’s talk and he received a lot of bad press as a result.

According to TheWeek.com, Eastwood still did not know what he was going to say on the morning of the convention. The idea of the chair came to him when he was just about to go on stage.

It seems so out of ‘character’ for someone who has produced, directed and acted in so many iconic movies including Rawhide, The Bridges of Madison County, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino and many more.

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Pssssst – do you speak in code?

March 4th, 2013   •   Comments Off   

Do you remember a time when someone said to you, “How am I supposed to do this?” Yes? You explained as best you could, yet your senses were screaming that this conversation was going nowhere. You tried again, this time going over the process with meticulous detail. And the more you explained, the worse things got. You realised you were not getting through. The other person eventually said they got it, to avoid embarrassment. But their eyes told a different story.

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See if Grandma gets it

January 26th, 2013   •   Comments Off   

If you enjoy watching educational videos on TED.com, think about the last five presentations that you watched:

    • Were any of those ideas and presentations memorable?
    • And if so, why did those talks stand out from the crowd?
    • Can you remember the key message and solution of those that were memorable?
    • What were the 1-3 action points that the speaker encouraged you to be mindful of or act upon?

The reality is we remember so little after watching a TED talk or when we fly home after a conference. After a week, we remember less that 5% of the talks that impressed us most.

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