Complete the conversation - get clear again

    An audio-visual emotional clearing tool

Complete the conversation – get clear again is to assist you in calling forth new possibilities through the power of language. An important aspect of this process is to complete those unfinished conversations in your life – with a loved one, a colleague, friend or family member and with yourself.
These conversations are not about what you said at the time. Complete the conversation is having the courage to say now what you were thinking at the time and are thinking at this moment about things that happened.

Keep looking at the images and together with the music, liberating and sometimes painful emotions could surface as you have the conversation. For some people who are very intuitive and drawn to colour, the colours do evoke feelings – and it can be overwhelming as those emotions begin to surface. If this happens, approach Complete the conversation as a staggered conversation. In other words, stop the slides and allow the emotions to surface. Process the emotion and ask yourself why is it so powerful and what does it mean as you experience it? Then, proceed to complete the conversation in this way until the emotions become more liberating.
Press play after reading the suggestions below.


1. Find a quiet place.
2. Consider one of the following options before you press play:

- Think about an unfinished conversation with a loved one who is no longer with you [complete the conversation]
- Think about an unfinished conversation with a colleague or friend or family member [complete the conversation]
- Think about an unfinished conversation with yourself – you want to live closer to your north star [complete the conversation].

3. Now press play and complete the necessary conversation. To play it again, just press the play button.

~ Dene Rossouw
Coach, Author, Photographer
All photographs by Dene Rossouw ©

Comments on Complete the Conversation

This is brilliant! You really touch on the warm and fuzzy side of one’s emotions and if you’re truly going to have that conversation,
this is the way to do it – with music playing in the background and evocative colours that add to the experience.

Karen Murray
Five Star Atlantic Ltd