The Art of Mentoring

    Exploring possibility in relationship

The Art of MentoringThe Workplace Mix

Today’s workplace is a mix of cultures, generations and perspectives. Mentoring is a powerful professional development and empowerment process that bridges these gaps and creates meaningful engagement and momentum at work.       

Mentoring is a developmental partnership. It’s a mutual commitment to bring out the best in the other person. It calls forth new possibilities through the flow of meaning in relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

A Possible Future

Both the mentor and the mentee lean towards a possible instead of a predictable future – the mentor shares knowledge, skills and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of the mentee, and the mentee takes full ownership of the opportunity and drives the process to a successful outcome.

Mentoring in the workplace is a process that is low on bureaucracy and high on experiential learning.

It’s the art of cultivating self-sufficiency, confidence and expertise that aligns with the vision and mission of the organization.

To ensure a successful mentoring outcome, you need to know:

1. The six conditions for success

2. The four pitfalls in mentoring

3. The four sacred words

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About Dene Rossouw

Dene RossouwDene Rossouw is co-founder of and in Vancouver.
He specializes in:
1. Helping organizations innovate by leveraging the power of employee ideas and
2. Helping his clients have the necessary influencing conversations of leadership.

Dene is a Past President of the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University. He is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and has the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. He has a degree in Theology from the University of South Africa.